The 25th Anniversary Fund

We are about 30% of our way to our goal.  Will you join our efforts?

Rejoice: The 25th Anniversary Music Memorial – $5,000

We have commissioned new music by Marty Haugen as the centerpiece for our celebrations in this special year.  Haugen is a well-known musician-theologian and composer of favorite service settings like “Now the Feast and Celebration” and “Holden Evening Prayer,” as well as hymns like “Gather Us In.”  We rejoice in the memories that Haugen’s songs stir up, and especially in how God has called us together and sustained us as a congregation.

As the centerpiece, this music connects with our other themes as well.  New music renews us – nourishing the congregation and the community here and now.  Shepherd of the Mountains and Jackson will fundamentally shape the music, celebrating our unique context.  Haugen visited for a few days this October to get a sense of who we are and how music might support us.  Even this early start educated and inspired through workshops and gatherings!  As Haugen composes, he will share pieces with us and invite feedback, perhaps visiting again during the development process, and at the end.  We will formally debut the new music at a special service in Fall 2017.

Finally, our hope is that this music reaches out to the larger church in a special way.  We are supporting one of the church’s great composers, and eventually this gift of music will be available to congregations in the synod, the nation, and the world.

Renew: Local Outreach – $5,000

We would like to renew our commitment to expressing our faith in action and making a difference in Jackson.  These funds express our appreciation for our local partnerships by highlighting a non-profit we work with as individuals and as a congregation.  Our community is facing a housing emergency caused by a variety of factors.  Teton Habitat builds homes through partnerships with families, community volunteers, donors and local agencies.  Partner families work on their homes and purchase them through interest-free mortgage loans.  Work has already begun on two homes in Alpine.  Parishioners have already been on site, and several congregational work days are scheduled in the year ahead.  The congregation also has connections to the Robertson family recipients.  In summer of 2017, Teton Habitat will break ground on the Grove Phase 3 project, which will add 24 affordable housing units to Jackson.

Reach Out: Synod’s Mission Campaign – $15,000

We affirm our identity as a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and reach out to join our synod’s Moving in Mission Together campaign, contributing to God’s work in the wider world.  The campaign highlights six areas:

(1)  the completion of a school building in our companion synod in Tanzania

(2) the SHARE (Synodical Help and Response Endowment) fund which benefits various congregational mission and renewal projects

(3) seminary education (through the Fund for Leaders)

(4) campus ministries

(5) Lutheran Community Services Northwest

(6) the fund for the ELCA (support for the national campaign).

An exciting video introducing these efforts and further information can be found here: