Shepherd of the Mountains is a stunning venue for weddings and other events, and we welcome inquiries into using our spaces.  Contact the church for more information on expectations and rental fees.

As part of Shepherd of the Mountains’ service to our community and the wider world, Pastor Inger is happy to officiate wedding ceremonies if available.  We suggest a donation to the congregation (consider 10% of whatever is spent on the dress or a DJ) for her work.

As a Lutheran pastor, she takes this invitation to be part of your day seriously, and as a way of honoring that, has two requirements: (1) premarital counseling and (2) an understanding that the homily and blessing will be Christ-centered (though I’m happy to work with a Bible text in conjunction with other texts, secular as well as from other faiths).  Also, there is one deal-breaker: if the couple, or any member of the wedding party, is drunk or visibly intoxicated at either the wedding rehearsal or the wedding, I will not perform the ceremony.

A deeper dive into the premarital counseling piece:  The church wants to support the marriage and set you up for success by facilitating conversations about all aspects of life together!  In general, plan for five to seven sessions.  It’s up to you who does the counseling; Pastor Inger just needs your commitment to it and plan for/steps towards fulfilling that requirement.  If you are involved with a church, we recommend for you to have that pastor do the counseling, as he or she would be more likely to see you in your married life and will be better positioned to support you both. Another option would be to use a professional counselor or therapist (does not have to be faith-based).  A third option is Pastor Inger!  She’d be honored to do that counseling with you (and technology like FaceTime can erase distance!) and it helps her tailor the homily to you as a couple.  Often, one session is dedicated to planning the wedding ceremony itself.