Join us on Sundays for worship, education and fellowship.  Our service begins at 10 am and includes the liturgy, hymns, readings, can Holy Communion.

Come visit!  Attire tends to be “Jackson casual” – wear what you want.  Sit wherever you’d like and participate as much as you feel comfortable.

Liturgy comes from the greek for “people” and “work” – worship is the work of the people!  The Worship Board helps shape our experience of each liturgical season.  There are many opportunities to serve as an assisting minister, reader, usher or acolyte, or behind-the-scenes with the altar guild. 

The sanctuary on Good Friday

For 2019’s World Day of Prayer, a map facilitated prayers for the healing of the nations.

We use our whole building for worship!  Changing our space and seating arrangement can facilitate our thinking about the changes we hope to see in our lives, our community and the world.